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This is a COPIE product with 1,059 articles since February 2008. As of December 2014, we have accumulated 4.4 million page views.

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Germany's employment ministers keep an eye on the COPIE partners on 28 Jan 11. NB Any similarity between the COPIE logo and the 'Merkel rhombus' is entirely coincidental

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Charu Wilkinson of ICF presented the File:SE mapping results.pdf in Rome on 17-18 Nov 14

English text of Poland’s massive social economy programme KPRES

The EESC describes its File:EESC social enterprise project.pdf

The Social Platform has published a File:Social Platform position paper on social innovation.pdf, which will be discussed at a conference in the European Parliament on 13 Feb 14

The UK’s first Local Impact Fund has been launched in Liverpool

CIC profit distribution eased

Social Investment Tax Relief: Who will qualify? - reprinted from Pioneers Post (UK), 5 Sep 13

Benoît Hamon présente le projet de loi sur l'Economie sociale et solidaire

EaSI, the renamed PSCI is adopted with a slimmed-down budget of €85m.

Employment DG publishes vol. 4 of its Social Europe Guide, on Social economy and social entrepreneurship

EIB launches €60m Social Impact Accelerator fund

Social Investment Package gives social economy a role

On 10-11 Dec 12, Paris hosted a peer review of social enterprise policy

Italian co-ops create 36,000 jobs in 2012

On 20 Nov 12 the European Parliament adopted a report on the Social Business Initiative

Ernesto Sirolli gave an inspiring TED talk on enterprise facilitation in Christchurch, New Zealand on 1 Sep 2012

French minister Benoît Hamon proposes 7 measures to create a choc coopératif

Enterprise Award 2012 winners announced

Results of SROI pilot on Polpetteria Ciccilla, Milan: File:SROI Ciccilla.ppt

Lancement de l'Observatoire européen de l’Entrepreneuriat Social et de l’ESS

Watch CECOP's new film Together about the resilience co-operatives are showing to the economic crisis

Community Shares Unit launched in UK

The Progress programme run by the French region of Champagne Ardenne to support the social and solidarity economy has been shortlisted for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2012

The EU's Employment Policy Conference 2012 contained a workshop on developing the social economy, chaired by Margie Mendell of Concordia University, Montreal, and with speeches from Zigor Ezpeleta of Mondragón, Aurélie Duprés of ENSIE, and Thorkil Sonne of Specialisterne

Social enterprises now operate 220 bus services in England

Un « Repair Café » ouvre ses portes à Bruxelles

COPIE Toolkit published:

COPIE Action Plan:

European Parliament strengthens Social and Solidarity Economy

The economic and monetary affairs committee (ECON) of the European Parliament has adopted the proposal for the EuSEF, a new type of European investment fund providing capital to the social and solidarity economy. This would give a crucial boost to this important sector of our economy. MEPs voted to improve the draft legislation, which includes several Green proposals:

  • extending the investment focus beyond small businesses to include more capital intensive projects in the social economy, such as social housing
  • all funded investments should be based on compliance with a broadened set of social criteria, including labour rights and health protection
  • eligibility of small investors under the EU framework on undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) and to be included in the review clause
  • enabling investments in non-European social economy projects and, as such, will encourage investment for social economy activities in developing and emerging countries
  • transparency on the capital ratio of up to 30%, which can be invested in economic activities not related to the social economy.

Following today's vote, the EP will now enter into negotiations with the Council to finalise the legislation and Green MEP Sven Giegold, who will be part of the negotiations, is hoping the Council and the Commission play constructive roles in these negotiations to enable the legislation to be adopted as soon as possible.

Source: Sven Giegold MEP

Featured articles

Towards a job-rich recovery mentions inclusive and social entrepreneurship

Parliamentary hearing on green programme for social & solidarity economy, 25 April 2012

Summary results of the COPIE Policy Forum held on 16-17 April in Berlin

COPIE toolkit explained at policy forum

Extracts from the Common Strategic Framework for the Structural Funds 2014-20

"We are fulfilling our dream" says Elisabet Mattsson, chairwoman of Vägen ut!, in a video interview by Make Change TV - an 8-country INTERREG network promoting inclusive entrepreneurship

PASE video: 3 things local authorities can do to support the social economy

Prezi on the EU's policy on social enterprise

On 25 October 2011 the European Commission published its communication on social business

Finlombarda’s Jeremie ESF scheme helps co-operatives to expand by bolstering their capital

It’s official: coaching does improve entrepreneurs’ success

Social Innovation Europe website launched

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6th Rencontres du Mont-Blanc, Chamonix, 8-10 Nov 13

Me-You-Us International Conference of Social Enterprises, Lodz, 14-15 Nov 13

[Social entrepreneurs: Have your say!], Strasbourg, 16-17 Jan 14

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COPIE website

COPIE toolkit presentation, April 2-12 File:COPIE Toolkit.pptx

COPIE baseline reports

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COPIE 2: Communities:

COPIE 2 Tool for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

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Right: BFSE logframe workshop, Warsaw, 29-30 March 2010

SEN website:

Blog article on SEN's first peer review on partnership and governance, Trento 12-13 Sep 13

SEN project description

Presentation of recommendations, 28 Jan 15: File:SEN recommendations.ppt



Featured product: 20 innovative solutions from EQUAL

Featured Case study Fair Finance 2010
Four Policy Briefs on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Three Policy briefs on social enterprise

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