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5th Mont Blanc meetings, 9-12 November 2011, Chamonix

The Social Economy: A New Model for Development?

The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings on the Road to Rio 2012

The Mont Blanc Meetings, the international forum for leaders from the social economy, will hold their next round in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, on 9-12 November 2011. This fifth international event will draft a common statement by the social economy to bring to Rio 2012.

How is the social economy tackling today’s social and environmental challenges? How does the social economy create and distribute wealth through its objectives and practices? Does the social economy represent a model for sustainable development?

Over three days, the views of experts and officials from international organizations will help the leaders of cooperatives, mutuals, nonprofits and foundations at the Meetings answer these questions. They will take a stand by defining the role they are already playing on every continent and the role they want to play as well as by launching and sharing concrete projects. The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings will thus be an opportunity to show how the social economy can promote sustainable and inclusive development and give new meaning to the idea of sustainable development.

A few months before the heads of states gather in Rio for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012, the 5th Mont Blanc Meetings will be the perfect platform for the social economy to question global policy-makers.

The international forum for leaders from the social economy

Since 2004, the Mont Blanc Meetings have been regularly bringing together social economy leaders from every continent to enable them to act together and speak with a single voice. The meetings combine discussions and project networking to provide concrete social economy solutions to today’s major challenges, e.g. producing, distributing and consuming energy sustainably (2007), feeding the planet (2009).

The meetings aim to show that it’s possible to do business differently and reconcile social, civic, environmental and economic efficiency.


Thierry Jeantet, president
+33 6 07 28 12 72 | thierry.jeantet@euresa.org
Roxane Delamare, director
+33 1 40 68 17 93 | r.delamare@rencontres-montblanc.coop