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A students book and teachers guide to the running of an entrepreneurship education programme targeted at primary school children (8-11 years old).

The programme: throughout a full academic year students start-up and manage their own company manufacturing goods such as puppets and flowerpots. The pupils sell the goods they make at a local fair and can then decide how to invest their profits.



The initiative integrates education and business to promote entrepreneurial attitudes in primary school children. It encourages children to acquire and develop entrepreneurial habits and skills directly related to either enterprise or other forms of association. It also encourages the development of autonomous work-related habits and behaviours focused on interpersonal relationships and teamwork. It introduces students to the main principles and practices of marketing and accounting

Main target groups


Main theme of intervention

Culture and Conditions

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Project name

Training Programme for Entrepreneurship

Member state/region

Asturias (Spain)

Contact information

Technological City of Valnalon

José Manuel Pérez Díaz, “PERICLES”

0034 985 69 22 27