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Active Europe is a project of FEBEA, the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks. It aims to:

  • mutualise means and experiences of different European networks active in the social sector and the ethical and solidarity‐based finance sector as well as promoting existing experiences
  • create a coalition gathering financial institutions, social organisations and European networks in order to improve the financing of the social inclusion through economic activity initiatives
  • involve European institutions in order to create favourable conditions for the growth of social inclusive initiatives and for fostering their financing

Its first conference took place in the EESC in Brussels on 29 Nov 2010. See programme:

This conference gave the floor to major social and economic players from social economy, ethical finance, European institutions and networks. FEBEA aimed to highlight the crucial impact of existing social inclusive initiatives on employment and economic activities in the European Union countries, and to show that one of the levers for ‘reactivating’ the EU single market could consist in implementing a favourable framework for the spreading and financing of such initiatives.

Its second conference will be held in Kraków on 7-8 Sep 2011. See programme:

See blog article reporting on the event.

See EMN's report of workshop on Code of Good Conduct for Microfinance Providers.