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Think Smart, Act Social - Enhancing Social Value in Public Procurement

Antwerp, 10-11 April 2008

On 10th & 11th April 2008, the Flanders ESF Agency organised a seminar on the issue of public procurement and the social economy. These are some of the results.



Background documents, speeches and workshop presentations can be found at:

Workshop D - Procurement Technique

Background paper

File:Social values in purchasing.doc

Issues discussed

  • Procurement is a process
  • Steps:
    • strategy
    • set-up
    • award
    • contracting
    • contract management + monitoring
    • evaluation
  • Get in early – at the strategy stage
  • Award criteria / contract performance conditions
  • Are social clauses a breakthrough for the SE?
  • Pros & cons of lowest price, fixed price and MEAT (most economically advantageous tender)
  • Getting policy-makers involved (top-down)

Recommendations for EU handbook


  • award criteria / contract performance conditions
  • link with subject mater of contract
  • difference between competitive dialogue & negotiated procedure
  • how to give scope for bidders to propose how to provide outcomes
  • what light procedures for part B services etc.?

Recommendations for actors and actions

  • use negotiated procedure more?
  • target development work on identified market opportunities
  • division of benefits > joint commissioning > outcome-focused procurement
  • interdepartmental learning platforms
  • ministers must take initiatives to get synergies

Recommendations for EU collaboration

  • joint standards
  • study visits for decision-makers
  • share best practice
  • part of sustainable development policy