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The guide takes potential business creators through the different stages of creating or taking over a business, pointing out the most suitable association or body to meet their needs. Initially in paper form, the guide is being developed into electronic form, providing access to information on the basis of: what stage of the project the person is at, what topics interest them, what difficulty they are trying to overcome, and their profile and status.


More and more public and private actors are developing business support schemes, but the information is sometimes overwhelming for beneficiaries. They can often end up wasting time and energy trying to obtain the right information or guidance. By enabling people to identify support based on a multiple-criteria database, they can receive support where and when they need it. This can allow them to concentrate their energy on getting on with the development of their new business.

The tool is aimed at beneficiaries, but also at organisations and bodies who support the creation of businesses.

Main target groups





Main theme of intervention

Start-up support
Access to Finance

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Project name

CAP Entrepreneur

Member state/region

Haute-Normandie (France)

Contact information

OPCAREG Haute Normandie

Corinne Merlino

Head of transnational projects

Tel: +33 2 35 12 17 33

Fax: +33 2 35 12 17 18

Mob: +33 6 21 63 59 28