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Buying Social

On 28 Jan 2011 the European Commission published Buying Social, a guide on taking account of social considerations in public procurement

The new guide is a very concrete tool to help public authorities to buy goods and services in a socially responsible way in line with EU rules. It also highlights the contribution public procurement can make to stimulate greater social inclusion.

Public procurement represents 17% of the GDP of EU Member States. While preserving competition and transparency, it may be used in a way to steer the market in a more socially responsible direction and thus contribute more generally to sustainable development.

The guide will allow public purchasers to integrate with greater confidence social considerations in public procurement, while ensuring equal access to all European interested bidders and guaranteeing an efficient use of public money. The exercise is in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy and the EU goals for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The document is illustrated by a number of practical examples covering a broad range of social issues, such as promoting equal chances and employment opportunities, improving labour conditions, social inclusion of vulnerable persons, such as disabled persons, compliance in substance with the provisions of the fundamental ILO conventions, etc.

Source: European Commission

Download Buying Social (23 languages):

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The Employment DG of the European Commission prepared Buying Social as a companion to its guide to environmental procurement, Buying Green. It issued a draft, on which opinions could be submitted till 31 May 2009 to: mailto:// This is the draft: File:Buying Social.doc