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CASA, Care and Share Associates, is the vehicle through which the model of Sunderland Home Care Associates is being replicated. It is structured as a common subsidiary of the franchised operations in various cities. The group is connected by reciprocal shareholdings.

Care & Share Associates (CASA) is a co-operative consortium company limited by guarantee. CASA is the UK's leading employee owned homecare social enterprise, and, with its founder organisation Sunderland Home Care Associates (SHCA), was Social Enterprise of the Year, 2006. With five CASA units in operation, providing over 10,670 hours of care per week employing over 539 staff, CASA is viewed by the Department of Health and others as a trail-blazer in health/homecare social enterprise franchising and replication. (1)

SHCA Milestones

Social enterprise Paid hours – per week No. employed Turnover (July ’09)
Sunderland HCA
(Inc South Tyneside HCA) 6500 350 £3,300,000
North Tyneside HCA 2000 70 £ 780,000
Newcastle HCA 850 47 £ 514,000
Manchester HCA 670 29 £ 442,000
Calderdale HCA 650 41 £ 456,000
CASA 2 £ 95,000
TOTAL 10,670 539 £5,587,000

(1) Source: The Big Society: Mutual Social Enterprises Re-shaping of Public Service Delivery. An SES White Paper, Mark Heskett Saddington, SES, 2010