COPIE 2: Joined up action planning

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Joined up Action planning



Leader: Germany

Partners: Flanders, Wallonia, Czech Republic, Asturias [possibly Galicia]

Expert: Iain Willox - Iainwillox at

Description and objectives

The process of developing the action plans will ensure a clear vision for entrepreneurship support is developed, communicated and deployed in such a manner as to create a bold and confident region where entrepreneurship is valued, celebrated and exercised throughout society and in the widest range of economic circumstances of the target groups

Iain's presentation at Cologne


The strategy will be developed via a 'Professionals' action learning set made up of three to four officials with a responsibility to develop a regional inclusive enterprise action plan for their area.

The group would have a facilitator who would also play a mentoring role (telephone/email) in between each session. The group would undertake specific tasks at a series of workshops based on a modular approach. In between each workshop delegates would be expected to carry out for real what they had been learning about. They would be encouraged to keep in very close contact with other members of the COP and with the group facilitator.

Study visits

As the core group of professionals begin to work up their own regional strategies they will be able to call upon COPIE to arrange study visits to specific projects to see how they are organised


Strategy development key stages:

  • 1. Preparatory groundwork and baseline study which is an overview of the state of the region’s enterprise system based on findings from the COPIE tool. Action plan format and structure co-designed with the participants.
  • 2. Field trip by expert from outside of the region, experienced in the development of regional strategies to understand some of the headline issues and meet the key stakeholders.
  • 3. Civic Event. This event would aim to convince key stakeholders in the region that this approach is valid by bringing actors from another (similar) region who have experience in this field

This group shall also commission an evaluation of COPIE practice to date a peer review of existing Member States usage of COPIE data and a linking together of region/Member State tools in the development of integrated strategies

Milestone for Deliverables

For strategy development Baseline study cycle 1 May 2009 Design of action plan for inclusive entrepreneurship appropriate to the needs of each core participating region. May 2009

First round action plans May 2010 (12 months) Second round action plans start baseline September 2010 complete November 2011


Best practice examples of inclusive action planning

Sharing the Vision - report of goal-setting workshop, Brussels, 3 March 2010

How do we know if we are any good? - report of evaluation workshop, Brussels, 29-30 June 2010