COPIE Steering Group Meeting 17th April

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Chair Bettina Reuter, present Guzman Garcia, Iain Willox (Wales), Caryl Cresswell (Welsh Expert), Rafael Vigil (Asturias Expert) Peter Ramsden (thematic expert) Paul Soto (coordinator)

in attendance Antonio Georgopolis (ESF Flanders agency), Apologies Louis Vervloet

The meeting discussed:

  • progress, there are now 12 completed or near completed reports based on the implementation of the tool list of regions working on the COPIE tool
  • final report of COPIE. An outline of the report structure was tabled
  • details and running order for 17th 18 april copie meeting. agreed to add the Director General of Commerce and enterprise for Asturias as opening welcome speech full running order can be seen at Agenda for COPIE public meeting 17th April
  • Issues for Hamburg meeting in May: looked at ways of segmenting future COPIE activity between a future COP bid to DG employment and possible collaborations between managing authorities led by one of the existing COPIE founding partners background paper at Hamburg meeting
  • Budget execution. COPIE will conclude on 30 April with about €35000 unspent out of the original budget of €180000