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COPIE mid-term event

The ESF "Community of Practice for Inclusive Entrepreneurship" (COPIE 2) Learning Network will hold a conference on Kick-starting Economic Recovery - the Role of Entrepreneurship in the Structural Funds on 31 March - 1 April 2011 in Berlin. The conference will take place at the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften in Berlin-Mitte and is by invitation only.

110401 COPIE midterm panel.JPG
Left: the final panel at the COPIE midterm event in Berlin on 1st April 2011

The event will allow EU and national ESF and ERDF policy makers and administrators to see how ESF and ERDF are currently used by managing authorities across Europe to stimulate entrepreneurship. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the fields of Entrepreneurship Education, Quality Management for Start-up Support, Integrated Business Support and Access to Finance.

Delegates will also discuss how to integrate entrepreneurship into the future shape of the Structural Funds.



The Community of Practice on Inclusive Entrepreneurship (COPIE) is a learning network of 10 ESF Managing Authorities and Implementing Bodies at national and regional level in Europe. The COPIE partners share a common concern to widen entrepreneurship and make support systems work better across diverse populations. They partner organisations have demonstrated that it is possible to make it easier for people from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds or places to engage in setting up businesses.

COPIE 2 is led by the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs through the ESF Unit. For more information on the event and COPIE please contact mailto://


COPIE conference 31 March - 1 April 2011 in Berlin
Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Markgrafenstr. 38 (conference entrance)
10117 Berlin

Thu 31 Mar 11

12.30 Registration and refreshments
13.30 Welcome - Sabine Baun / Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany
13.40 Introduction to COPIE - Bettina Reuter / COPIE Co-ordinator
13.50 Links to Europe 2020/employment policies - Raymond Maes / European Commission
14.10 Necessity Entrepreneurship and economic effects - Prof. Rolf Sternberg / University of Hannover
14.20 Current examples of ESF/ERDF support for inclusive entrepreneurship
Round table discussions with speakers of the 10 COPIE partner regions who will present very briefly and promote discussion. Speakers will move from table to table (5 rotations, 20 minutes per session)
16.00 Coffee
16.25 COPIE experts outline their work to date and plans for 2011, 10 minutes each.
16.30 Quality Management - Norbert Kunz
16.40 Action Planning - Iain Willox
16.50 Entrepreneurship Education - Ivan Diego
17.00 Micro Finance - Joeri Colson
17.10 Integrated Business Support – Ana Maria Mendez Rodriguez
17.20 Copie tool - Stephanie Koenen
17.30 Close of first day, with explanation of tomorrow’s speed dating session
19:00 Dinner

Fri 1 Apr 11

9.15 Welcome Back!
Film - Stefan the ice cream seller
9.30 Outline of 2nd day - brief reminder of each speed dating and signposting to relevant rooms
9.35 Speed dating session with experts
- Swot Analysis –The Copie Tool - Stephanie Koenen
- How to maintain quality – Norbert Kunz
- How to get people to work together – Iain Willox
- ESF/ERDF and Entrepreneurship Education – Just What Is Possible? - Ivan Diego
- Microfinance and support that can be provided by ESF/ERDF- Brigitte Maas
- Integrated business support – Ana Maria Mendez Rodriguez
- German Microfinance Fund - Dr Dietrich Englert
- Wikipreneurship Masterclass - Toby Johnson
11.00 Next steps - led by facilitator to be confirmed
Feedback from each table (maximum 5 minutes per table). Audience at round tables with an expert or COPIE partner at each table. Each table will present things they have learned from each of the experts, things to follow up on and things that they wished they could do that would support inclusive entrepreneurship.
11.50 Individual Pledges
Delegates are asked to write one action they pledge to do as a result of the event.
12.00 Closing Panel “How to integrate inclusive Entrepreneurship into the future shape of the Structural Funds”
Question and answer session with panelists from COPIE partner regions and European Commission
13.00 Final Remarks - Germany
13.15 LUNCH and departure