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COPIE is expanding

The COPIE funding ran out at the end of May. We are working on the final report and thinking about future funding opportunities. We will be responding to a Commission call for network proposals that was published at the end of June.

Intense planning took place at three meetings in the past two months. This started at the COPIE meeting in Brussels on 17th and 18th April and was followed up by the Hamburg meeting on 7th and 8th of May at which ESF Managing Authorities decided to go for a constellation of Communities of Practice for COPIE. More work was done at the Wenger festival in Zeuthen. A full list of proposed structure will be published shortly but so far we have firm interest in:

Northamptonshire and Venice are the latest places to use the tool. Venice has been using the tool to understand the problems migrants face in accessing enterprise support services. Brandenburg is making progress.

Northamptonshire is starting a full-scale implementation of the tool under the leadership of Professor Simon Denny at the University of Northants which delivers start-up support.