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this is a category that brings together a lot of different work focused on increasing local markets for micro business, SMEs and social enterprise.

There are projects like Bristol East Side Traders that helped to popularise the East end (the disadvantaged inner city) of Bristol by putting it on the tourist map, literally by publishing a map of restaurants and ethnic food shops. They also help to set up local street markets and festivals and publish a database of local business.

Sew East works by helping fashion designers and leather goods sub contractors to meet up and develop original products for the manufacturers to produce and sell. They have been enabled to move out of the bottom end of the value chain and move up.

EVU work with shop layout and development of the business to help ethnic minority businesses in Copenhagen to improve their shops and restaurants and grow revenues.

Social enterprises have worked with the public sector to grow markets by better understanding how contracting, procurement and commissioning can be adapted to focus on creating social and economic benefits in local communities.

New Economics Foundation's Plugging the leaks and Local money flows 3 are both ways of analysing local economies and communicating the results so that local communities can start to take on the policy makers on their own terms to show how local jobs and businesses can be created by adapting the local economy to make it work better for local people.


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