Fabriques à Initiatives

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Fabriques à Initiatives

Setting up a company always requires: a project initiator and project, a feasibility study, assistance for the creator. For a social enterprise, however, it is often local players (associations, local authorities, economic stakeholders etc.) that identify the needs or potential new services. The conclusion is often the same: opportunities and needs for social enterprises arise, but they are often missed, for lack of an identified interlocutor.

The “Fabriques à Initiatives” ("Initiatives Factories") have positioned themselves as the missing link between these opportunities and local needs and the creation of social enterprises. They operate in four stages:

  1. detect local needs and opportunities
  2. confirm the relevance of a social enterprise as a solution, by way of a an opportunity study
  3. identify and qualify a project initiator
  4. assist the initiator up to the creation of the social enterprise

There are 8 “Fabriques à Initiatives” in France, in various forms, under the coordination of Avise. In 3 years, the Fabriques have:

  • informed and brought together 1,200 local players
  • spotted 310 local ideas
  • carried out 104 opportunity studies
  • created 24 social enterprises

Why they are innovative

The Fabriques à Initiatives are the first organisations to offer an "inverted" approach to the creation of a social enterprise: by starting with the local needs and then seeking a project initiator, they provide entrepreneurial solutions for local social needs. The Fabriques à Initiatives work alongside existing players and involve all the stakeholders in setting up new projects. The social enterprises set up with help of the Fabriques à Initiatives therefore become part of the local community.

website: http://fabriqueainitiatives.org/