Fifteen Cornwall

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Fifteen Cornwall

The ESF is being used to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people at Fifteen Cornwall, the restaurant inspired by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

The restaurant’s charity, Cornwall Foundation of Promise, is working with Jobcentre Plus to recruit, train and support young people working in the hospitality industry. The project is contributing to the economic redevelopment of the area and is helping 21 disadvantaged young people to learn new skills and enter employment.

The course involves a combination of studying at Cornwall College, taking part in work-experience placements in top restaurants, and cooking at Fifteen Cornwall under the guidance of professional chefs. The trainees also have access to general counselling, and help with accommodation or transport.

The people taking part are aged between 16 and 24 and not in full-time education or employment when they apply to join the programme. The trainees spend their first 12 weeks at college working towards NVQ Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications. They then take part in a four-week work-experience placement at a top Cornwall restaurant, followed by a 52-week apprenticeship. Trainees who successfully complete the course are helped by the Fifteen Foundation to find work.

Ami, one of the trainees, said: “To have an opportunity like this that will take you on no matter what your background is, and train you up in something that you can use, wherever you go, it’s just an amazing feeling. Now I’ve passed the course I’ve got my NVQ1 and my NVQ2 so I’m really happy.”

Source: UK 1008-10 National Action Plan for Social Inclusion (Annex 5)