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Fundació Un Sol Món was created in February 2000 by Caixa Catalunya, within the framework of its "social mission" (corporate social responsibility policy), recovering the original spirit of savings banks, to economicaly promote the most underprivileged and excluded social collectives.


The foundation aims:

  • To promote projects that fight in favour of the excluded groups in our society - the so-called Fourth World. Fundació Un Sol Món aims to support all the enterprises within the new social economy that combine social integration of people who have an unfavourable situation with business efficiency and profitability, along with viable enterprises based on self-employment;
  • To offer technical and financial support to co-operation for the development of Third World countries;
  • To raise awareness among members of society about situations of poverty, marginalisation, exclusion and social injustice.

Lines of action

  • To foster access to a decent home for people at risk of social exclusion
  • Support for initiatives for social and occupational insertion and promotion of social economy, social and labour insertion call, grants for adolescents at risk and Roba Amiga programme
  • Microcredits to underprivileged people and collectives and international micro-financing co-operation
  • Social Entrepreneurs Programme and social investment fund

Case studies


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