Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008

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Unleash It! - Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week

Unleash It! is the premier global event of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008 and it only takes a computer and five minutes to participate. The way Unleash It! works is very simple. It is an online idea and solution database with a network of innovative and creative people worldwide waiting to solve the world's challenges. Anyone in the world, whether on behalf of a corporation, university, government agency or individually, can log on and post a challenge for others to solve or attempt to solve a challenge that has already been posted. You can also network with other solvers to come up with an answer to a very difficult problem or to interact with likeminded people with similar interests. To access Unleash It! log on to and unleash your idea!

Speednetwork the Globe

Part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Speednetwork the Globe will join others across the world and run a Speednetworking event to unleash energy, share ideas and make connections - fast. Be part of something big, as people all over the world start talking ideas to address some of society’s biggest issues. Speednetworking is a fun, high energy way to connect people. It can last 3 minutes or a whole hour. Every participant will create a new network of useful contacts. Speednetworking is the easiest way to get connected. There are lots of great ways to speednetwork from choosing an Unleash It! challenge and get people networking to come up with great ideas to solve the problem. You can network in different languages and have a truly international speednetworking session. Or you can use it as an icebreaker at your event. It’s a great way to get people talking ideas and meeting each other, fast. To learn more visit

To learn more about Global Entrepreneurship Week, what is happening in your country and other ways to get involved you can visit

from OECD LEED Flash November 2008