Guía de Evaluación Empresas Abiertas a Todas

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La Guía de Evaluación de Actuaciones de Fomento de la Creación de Empreses Abiertas a Todas las Personas (Evaluation Guide to Actions to Create Businesses Open to All) is published by the Spanish EQUAL National Thematic Group on Business Creation in September 2007.

This guide serves to evaluate actions taken to foster openness in the creation of new enterprises. The starting point is considering entrepreneurship as something open to anyone without any discrimination, that is, making sure that every person is treated on equal basis when approaching the process of creating a new firm. In order to evaluate actions to promote inclusive enterprises, the guide takes into account several criteria:

  • inclusiveness - fighting against discrimination in the process of creating and consolidating a new firm
  • integrated approach - the action must have a holistic emphasis, and as far as possible should address all aspects of one specific situation within the context of a system
  • effectiveness
  • innovation
  • transferability
  • evaluation methods

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