Inside the Social Economy

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Inside the Social Economy is designed for professionals working in or alongside the social economy who are keen to learn more.

It brings together 12 best practice examples from England, Poland and Belgium, taking readers on a voyage of discovery through the eyes of the people who know the most - the individuals and managers who have been there and done it. The best ambassadors are often the people who have learnt the hard way!

The booklet covers five organisational functions that are fundamental to any successful organisation:

  • structure & management - U Pana Cogito & White Horse Green People
  • staff - Coach of Supported Employment & Clean & Bright
  • strategic thinking - De Loods, SCEDU & Duet
  • marketing - Oxfam Fairtrade, De Kringwinkel & Het Verzet
  • finance - Key Fund South Yorkshire & Ryhove BW

In these 12 case studies these individuals unearth their dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, as well as addressing controversial issues that people tend to shy away from.

The book is produced by the partners of the ‘European Enterprise Plus’ (EE+) EQUAL development partnership: Connect (led by De Punt, Belgium), Academy of Enterpreneurship (led by GM ROPS, Poland) and SEASY (led by SCEDU, UK).

Open book: