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JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions) One of the three « J » babies (together with Jeremie & Urban development Jessica) > Joint effort. A technical assistance partnership to prepare major projects between DG REGIO, EIB and EBRD JASPERS is an additional technical assistance resource for the MS and for DG REGIO value added: drawing on past experience and expertise of the EIB and the EBRD in a more structured and coordinated way. JASPERS: free and voluntary JASPERS assistance will be provided free of charge to the beneficiary There will be no obligation on the Member States to use JASPERS There will be no obligation on a Member State which benefits from JASPERS to borrow from the EIB or the EBRD There will no obligation on the EIB or the EBRD to lend to projects prepared using JASPERS There will be no exclusion of EIB or EBRD lending to projects benefiting from JASPERS LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES JASPERS does not change existing legal responsibilities JASPERS is an input to the preparation of applications for EU funding Member States are the 'owners' of the project, not JASPERS; they submit the standard applications as required by the Regulations preparation of a project by JASPERS does not guarantee approval of the project by the Commission the ultimate legal responsibility to grant assistance to a project will remain with the Commission


JASPERS is up and starts running All beneficiary countries submitted draft Action Plans 112 project actions identified, and support requested in wide range of relevant horizontal issues Demand in some unexpected sectors (eg. large energy, broadband telecom, tourism) JASPERS is well received by beneficiary countries and DG-REGIO desks JASPERS intervention requested for projects totaling € 57 Bn grant funding by CF and ERDF

Main Horizontal Issues for which support is requested

PPP+grant blending approaches Support with state aid in new sectors Structuring projects in new sectors (eg. power, energy efficiency, renewables, urban transport, flood protection, rolling stock) Grouping small projects (eg. energy efficiency, water) PPP best practice / model approaches Guidance on new Regulations (eg. eligibility, revenue generating projects, grant rate calculation)

Applying for assistance from JASPERS Managing Authority acts as central coordinator for each country Phase of Project preparation: the Managing Authority in the MS can request assistance directly from JASPERS in Luxembourg or to the regional offices of JASPERS. Phase of Project appraisal: when an application for assistance has been received, DG REGIO can request assistance from JASPERS in Luxembourg

JEREMIE stands for ‘Joint European REsources for MIcro to medium Enterprises’ ‘ Joint resources’ because JEREMIE combines resources from ERDF + national public sector + EIB+ other IFIs, banks & fin. intermediaries. JEREMIE is not an organisation but a series of coherent actions JEREMIE gives special emphasis to technology transfer, start-ups, technology and innovation funds, and micro-credits.