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Designer seeks traineeship in a social enterprise

I'm looking for a trainee position in a social enterprise somewhere in EU for this winter.

I got accepted as a participant in an EU project called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs ( The purpose is to match small and medium sized enterprices with young enterpreneurs across Europe. The young entrepreneur would participate in daily operations of the host organisation to learn as much as possible, and after the training period of 1-6 months, would return to home country and adopt the best practice in her own company. Naturally the exchange is mutual, so the trainee is an additional resource for the SME as well.

My company, 0.7 design (, is a Finland-based design management/agency, that is promoting and selling Finnish craft and design items mainly to Japan at the moment. We give out at least 0.7% our yearly profit to projects that support the reach of Millenium Goals set by UN. This is one of our ways to be a social enterprise, another one is to promote items manufactured in Finnish social enterprises.

I would love to find a host organisation that would be a social enterprise and besides have something to do with design. It would be lovely to learn the design process from a scratch: from an idea to a ready product in the shelf of a shop. However, all other options will be considered as well. I'm comfortable in working in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and Japanese languages.

The project is financed by European Comission, so there won't be costs for the host. In each and every EU-country there is an intermediate company that is taking care of the bureaucratic part of the project, so the role of the host is just to guide the young entrepreneur in her daily tasks at work.

If you got interested in becoming the host and gaining some Finnish best practices, I'm really hoping to hear back from you as soon as possible to get it all organized at this end before coming to yours.

CV and additional information available by request.

Wishing you a nice summer!

Sincerely, Jenni Moberg owner of 0.7 design


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