Kirkbride Energy Farm

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Kirkbride Energy Farm

Cumbrian farmers working with social enterprise CoRE have begun work on a £2m 'energy farm'. The Kirkbride Energy Farm in west Cumbria plans to generate energy from farm muck and grow energy crops. At the same time it will create five jobs and boost farmer income.

Adrian Carruthers, one of the group of farmers, who together with CoRE NW, will own the farm as part of a co-operative, said: 'All too often farmers have been at the mercy of big business and government initiatives. But this time as partners we have the opportunity to be in the driving seat and get a fair share of the rewards.'

The energy farm will house a large anaerobic digester, which uses bacteria similar to those in a cow's stomach to convert silage and manure into biogas and environmentally-friendly liquid fertiliser.

Kirkbride is the second energy farm Core NW have begun work on, the first being Blackdyke Energy Farm in Silloth. CoRE NW expects both energy farms to be operational by Autumn 2010, forming an eventual cluster of ten energy farms.

CoRE is s pin-off from the INSPIRE EQUAL project.

Source: Chrisanthi Giotis, Social Enterprise Livewire, 20 Jan 10