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A report for the European Commission recommends that links between conventional enterprises and social enterprises are a good way to increase corporate social responsibility:

Fostering partnerships with social enterprises is a potential lever to make firms contribute to social aims (e.g. in the Belgian initiative Pendelfietsen a local social enterprise is ‘supported’ by a private company which contracts it for specific maintenance services or the Slovakian ‘Town Hall Open Markets’ initiative promotes social enterprises by providing them an opportunity for marketing their products and services and hence, familiarise the general public and potential business partners with their offers). Such partnerships can be promoted through co-ordinated campaigns, targeted at companies, of government and umbrella associations of social enterprises.

The Pendelfietsen initiative provides bicycles at stations for commuters.

Full report: http://www.wikipreneurship.eu/images/9/9b/LED%26CSR.pdf (page 11)