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Social Value - Meaningful measurement and a new integrated approach from LM3online

12 Feb 2014

Social value has experienced a rapid increase in interest in recent times; together with an equally rapid rise in confusion over what it is, what is it for, and how it should be measured.

The introduction of the Public Services (Social Value) Act in the UK while catalysing interest in the area has added to this confusion. The Act places a duty on Commissioners to consider Social Value, but neither defines the meaning of Social Value nor supplies guidance in its measurement.

Depending on your reason to be interested in Social Value there is a continuum of possible approaches from the purely descriptive such as case studies at the Social/subjective end, to auditable objective models such as LM3 at the Value/objective end of the range.

Our joint approach with Anthony Collins Solictors helps you to design and implement the best approach for your organisation. Then the new Social Value tool manages the process and generates meaningful evidence based measurement of your organisation’s Social Value.

For more information visit http://www.social-value.net

Contact: Adam Wilkinson mailto://adam@lm3online.com

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