Lisbon strategy (Tivoli)

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Support for the Lisbon strategy

From the background paper for the Tivoli social economy seminar, 5-6 December 2006

The approach to mainstreaming aims directly to support the Lisbon strategy, with particular concern to “guarantee the transfer of added value” and make job and growth more attractive and sustainable.

The Social Agenda, moreover, confirms the need for “integrating and consolidating inclusion and employment policies, not able – if left alone – to answer to the need of growth and development, at national and European level."

The creation of new job areas, sustainable and coherent with local planning and development policies is a Lisbon priority and it is settled within this thematic platform. With specific concern to addresses of European cohesion policy intending to support investment in growth and employment vectors, to move additional resources able to improve governance and promote territorial cohesion, the platform on social economy expresses deep and wide coherence with the general European strategy on inclusion, employment and growth.

The partnership among EQUAL Managing Authorities of the "Entrepreneurship for All" platform – Italy, Flanders, Finland, Germany, Poland, UK(GB), Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain (divided into two thematic networks: business creation and social economy) managed by two Steering Groups, has developed a number of events and meetings. The programme, started in September 2005, aims to support coherence between national and European policies and – also by providing policy recommendations – to increase the impact of ESF within processes of social inclusion and growth.