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The Social Support Association "Me-You-Us" (Poland) would like to invite representatives of social enterprises, public institutions and non-governmental organizations from Europe to the II International Multi-Sector Conference of Social Enterprises, devoted to social economy issues, which takes place in Poland (Lodz) on 14-15 November 2013.

The main goal of the conference is to exchange and share best practices in running and supporting European social enterprises and cooperation between public sector and social enterprises.

The conference will provide an invaluable opportunity to exchange and share on the international level knowledge and experience concerning management and support of social enterprises which operate in specific business sectors. It will also contribute to establishing transnational partnerships between various social economy organizations and institutions supporting social enterprises.

Apart from the plenary session, the event will also include meetings (workshops) and study visits in the following sector groups:

  • Hotel and gastronomy
  • Creative industry: graphics, multimedia, printing
  • Elderly and disabled people care sector
  • Social enterprises providing communal services - recycling, gardening and cleaning services
  • Artistic products/handicraft
  • Organizations supporting social enterprises
  • Public servants supporting social economy

Keynote speakers will include representatives of the following European organizations:

  • REVES (European Network of Cities & Regions for the Social Economy)
  • CECOP - CICOPA EUROPE (European Confederation of Workers' Cooperatives, Social Cooperatives and Social and Participative Enterprises)
  • CEFEC (Social Firms Europe CEFEC)
  • ESFN (European Social Franchising Network)
  • Consorzio CGM (Consorzio Nazionale della Cooperazione di Solidarieta Sociale CGM)

We are pleased to be able to offer our delegates specially negotiated accommodation rates.

In order to ensure your organization is represented, please complete and return the conference registration form at your earliest convenience.

For further information, please visit our website

Kamil Zachert
Promotion Specialist
Social Support Association "Me-You-Us"
Stowarzyszenie Wsparcie Społeczne "Ja-Ty-My"
ul. Piotrkowska 17 (street)
90-406 Lodz, Poland
tel./fax 42 659 53 25
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