Pago único

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Pago único

The Spanish pago único (single payment) system involves the payment of unemployment benefits in a lump sum to people who are setting up their own business, or setting up or joining a workers’ co-operative or worker-owned company (SAL/SLL).

People setting up as self-employed can receive up to 60% of their accrued benefit to invest in the business (80% for younger people, 100% for disabled people). People joining a workers’ co-operative or worker-controlled company may receive the amount they need to invest in shares to become a co-operative member or worker shareholder. If this is less than the amount to which they are entitled, the rest can go towards social security payments.

To qualify, you must not yet have started working in the business, but you must start within a month of its being agreed. You must still have at least three months unemployment benefit entitlement, and not have claimed the pago único in the last four years.

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