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Implementing social clauses in procurement processes: Good practices


Suggestions on how to incorporate social clauses when selecting and hiring staff in the public sector. The report has been elaborated by the EQUAL support structure in Spain, based on the experience of several projects located in different regions of Spain.

The objective was to identify and promote the inclusion of social clauses in the process of public procurement in different levels: national, regional and local administration. Procurement plays a big role in the labour market, therefore, mainstreaming these good practices has a great potential to influence the labour market more broadly.

The process of incorporating social clauses in procurement has four steps:

1. Awareness: As for anything that is innovative, it is necessary to start by creating the sensitiveness to the issue through an awareness raising campaign.

2. Technical training: Once the need is perceived, we need to show how to present and include social clauses in procurement in the context of the legal framework of public administrations and labour regulations in particular.

3. Implementation: We must emphasize the gradual nature of this process. In the area of social clauses nothing changes in 24 hours. It requires minor steps and small victories. The guide includes a table with specific examples of social clauses included in public administrations.

4. Legal changes: This is the final step. When the legislator perceives the good practice established through this process as something deserving of generalization, a new legal proposal is forwarded for consideration and discussion at the appropriate level. No doubt this is the best result one can expect of this whole process. The guide points out a number of legal changes in the three layers of the Spanish public administration: national, regional and local.

Added Value:

Good example of mainstreaming. Transferable to many sectors of public administration

Potential users:

  • ESF managers
  • ESF promoters
  • EQUAL managers
  • EQUAL promoters
  • Policy-makers

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