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The URBAN I programme in Malmö (Sweden) provided support to a foundation assisting start-up businesses and offering education and employment opportunities. The programme also supported the upgrading of outdoor areas and the development of new community facilities. In all, the programme covered five areas with high concentrations of immigrants, high unemployment and considerable social problems.



The total contribution from the European Union was EUR 5.1 million and this attracted a further investment of EUR 6.7 million, creating total resources of EUR 11.8 million.


One of the main URBAN I projects involved the renovation of an industrial building and associated offices in the Facklan street-block, which lies in the centre of the URBAN area in Malmö. The building was renovated between 1997 and 2000 to create the Facklan Development Centre, which now accommodates 67 new businesses. All of these businesses were started with support from a newly created advice bureau. The partnership between KOOP, an association for co-operative entrepreneurship, ALMI, a state owned company that supports economic growth and development, and the enterprise and employment agencies in Malmö was an important factor in the success of this advice bureau.

Adjacent to the Facklan quarter, an old school building was also renovated and converted into the “Sofielund Citizen Centre”, which now hosts a variety of community-based activities that complement the development of the area.

Technical information

Total cost About EUR 3 500 000 EU contribution About EUR 1 750 000


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