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Prowess 1.0 was the UK National Association for the Promotion of Women’s Enterprise from 2002 to 2011. At its peak, Prowess had over 350 member organizations, who between them supported over 100,000 women business owners. It was commissioned by the DTI and Regional Development Agencies to produce the first UK national strategy for women’s enterprise. It also produced a well regarded range of training materials, best practice reports and quality standards to support better services.

Prowess 2.0 is new and different, but it builds on that Prowess legacy.

People: Our editor, Erika Watson, was the founder and CEO of Prowess from 2002–2009. Lots of former Prowess members and associates are also involved in Prowess 2.0.

Focus: Prowess 2.0 focuses on the same issues as its parent. We’ve just shifted perspective. Then – we were an association of providers; now – we provide direct, digital resources and collaborative opportunities for women in business and their supporters. We also continue to connect women to local women-friendly business support and networks.