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The website provides information to potential and existing entrepreneurs in the personal services sector to inform their decision making. It allows potential creators to be informed on personal service activities developed by Réseau + which identify valid economic models and support new businesses. People can register online to benefit from information and support helping them to take decisions about starting or consolidating their activity.


There is a real need to invest in the personal services market in France. The website is an efficient means for getting initial information to potential entrepreneurs and can be used as a platform on which to build a relationship with entrepreneurs.

Main target groups




Main theme of intervention

Start-up support

Consolidation and Growth

Access to Finance

Web link to product


Project name

Réseau +

Member state/region


Contact information

Solidarité Entreprise

Arnaud Maigre

Tel : 00 33 (0) 1 70 71 24 01,

e.mail : info@reseau-plus.net

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