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Communication on the Social Business Initiative (SBI)

On 25 October 2011 the European Commission published its communication on social business:

Facilitating Social Entrepreneurship

Social businesses are companies that have a positive social impact and address social objectives as their corporate aim rather than only maximising profit. Today, the social economy represents 10% of all European businesses and employs over 11 million paid employees. The Social Business Initiative contains a number of actions to support its further development. It proposes ways to improve social businesses' access to funding (including EU funding through the Structural Funds and the future setting-up of a financial instrument to provide social investment funds and financial intermediaries with equity, debt, and risk-sharing instruments), measures to improve their visibility and a simplified regulatory environment (including a future proposal for a European Foundation Statute, forthcoming revision of the public procurement rules and state aid measures for social and local services).


Communication on social business:

Memo on CSR: