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Seminar Programme "Social Economy Research in European Perspective

VENUE AND DATE: Gdynia (Hotton Hotel, ul. Św. Piotra 8), 25 June 2008

ORGANIZERS: Stowarzyszenie Klon/Jawor, UNDP

Part I - Introductory lectures

10.00 – 10.50

- Introduction presented by organizers
- Where from the interest in SE in Poland ? Why is it worth making research and who does it ? – Professor Anna Giza-Poleszczuk
- Where from the interest in SE in Europe ? Abort changes in SE description perspectives – Professor Karl Birkholzer

Part II - Presentation of research findings

10.50 – 13.10

- Findings of the research conducted within the Project Towards a Polish Social Economy Model – Building New Lisków (Institute of Social Affairs, ISA) - Marek Rymsza, PhD. and Tomasz Kazimierczak, PhD.
- „Economic and Social Potential and Selected Functions of Social Economy in Poland” – findings of the research conducted within the Project Job is Here (ISA Polish Academy of Sciences, Central Statistical Office ) - Sławomir Nałęcz, PhD.

15 min break

- „Social Economy in the Perspective of Małopolski Region” – findings of the research conducted by the Department of Sociology of Economy and Education in the Institute of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (JU) - Barbara Worek, PhD. and Seweryn Krupnik;
- Findings of the research conducted within the project In Search of Polish Model for Social Economy (Maple/Sycamore Association ) – Jan Herbst
- Supplementary report on those findings from the European perspective – Mike Aiken (Open University)
- Q&A session, discussion

13.10 - 14.00 Lunch break


- Drivers of social enterprise development in the European perspective – suggestions on the basis of comparative studies - Tim Curtis (University of Northampton)
- Presentation of the project „Maping social economy“ – Professor Karl Birkhölzer (EMES, Technical University of Berlin)
- Presentation on the social economy condition in Europe and the idea of satellite account – Lisa Frobel (CIRIEC)
15 min break
- Presentation of the project “The Berlin Development Agency for Social Enterprises and Neighbourhood Economy / BEST” - Heike Birkholzer (Technical University of Berlin)
- Presentation on the social economy research and the plans related to that area conducted in Central and Eastern Europe by UNDP - Andrey Ivanow (UNDP)
- Presentation of the Rumanian research conducted by the Civil Society Development Foundation – Valentin Burada (CSDF)
- Q&A session, discussion
10 min break

Part III – Panel discussion

16.40 - 17.40 Future of social economy research – discussion on needs and plans for research, possibility of international relationship within that area and a role of various institutions and network.

Discussion including: Mike Aiken (Open University), prof. Jerzy Hausner (MSAP UE), Ben Slay (UNDP), Piotr Stronkowski (udział niepotwierdzony), Kuba Wygnański (FISE).

17.40 – 18.00 Seminar summary – Professor Jerzy Hausner