Social venture funds references

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Financing of social enterprises – Bank of England 2003

Social Enterprise: a strategy for success – DTI 2002

Patient Capital – Civil Renewal Unit 2004

Lending to the social enterprise sector – DTI 2004

Access to finance guide – SEC (still in draft format)

Researching social enterprise – Middlesex University 2001

Homeopathic Finance: equitable capital for social enterprises – nef 2001

New approaches to financing charities and other social enterprises – Venturesome 2003

Nuts and bolts of near-equity investing – CDVC conference (US) 2003

A fair trade finance initiative – Whitni Thomas 2003 Social Enterprise in the balance – CAF 2004

McKinsey report commissioned by Unlimited – 2003

The performance and transformation of soft-loan funds in the UK – nef 2001 Ethical Pioneers – nef