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  • ...recognisable strand of the Business Advice profession, and to ensure our programmes and products achieve and maintain appropriate accredited status. ...ations interested in learning more about our model, developing their own funding proposals or engaging ACBBA to provide learning resources or facilitate
    5 KB (710 words) - 06:01, 3 November 2011
  • draw migrant and ethnic minorities into mainstream and specific support programmes? How to change financial support services to meet the needs of diverse grou 09:55 Funding Opportunities under ERDF, the Regions Experience
    7 KB (944 words) - 06:21, 9 December 2017
  • EMBS runs a range of different programmes: Business support using a three stage model - outreach, needs assessment, ==Funders and funding==
    15 KB (2,249 words) - 11:49, 5 October 2008
  • ==Funders and funding== ...ctivite was about € 368,400 for 2005 to 2007. Half of the funds for both programmes came from the ESF through the European Commission's EQUAL initiative. In th
    19 KB (2,768 words) - 09:17, 5 October 2008
  • 2004. Responsibility for the implementation of the Community Initiative programmes in the Member States lies with the national authorities.
    5 KB (718 words) - 17:52, 19 April 2008
  • ==Funders and funding== ELSBC was established in 1978. Funding for ELSBC over that time has come from a myriad of sources including supran
    9 KB (1,349 words) - 14:57, 28 June 2013
  • ...l, at about 4,000 (it offers 21 undergraduate, 12 master’s and three PhD programmes), another 5,000 people a year undertake professional training at Mondragon. ... over a 10th of its income comes from the Basque government’s structural funding, although the institution’s suite of new buildings – including the arch
    22 KB (3,454 words) - 07:33, 30 August 2013
  • ...gth of electoral mandate often makes it difficult for man¬agers of public programmes to think in terms of investment. But SROI does think in these terms. It all ...n an ‘impact map’ which shows how its activity converts inputs such as funding into impacts of various types for various stakeholders. These impacts can t
    27 KB (4,212 words) - 09:00, 3 June 2014
  • ...isabled workers and other disadvantaged personnel, managing public-private funding mixes, public procurement, social auditing, social franchising and so on. National and regional business support programmes (particularly if these are co-financed by the Structural Funds) would incre
    18 KB (2,638 words) - 13:47, 31 October 2008
  • ...[European Social Fund]] [[ESF]], as well as national, provincial and local funding. The project has been extended and is currently managed by the municipality ==Funders and funding==
    20 KB (3,002 words) - 16:28, 28 January 2010
  • ...pilot projects become integrated into [[ESF]] and [[ERDF]] Structural Fund programmes and into policy both at EU level and Member State level. It was perceived t ...As and IBs and also of the Commission to manage the next generation of ESF programmes?===
    6 KB (855 words) - 09:14, 3 May 2012
  • ...7-2013 period, Sweden has one national plus eight regional ESF operational programmes. Transnational co-operation at project level is allowed throughout. Ms Frö ...ed themselves to be extremely effective. Meanwhile the eight regional ERDF programmes can support social enterprise business development: “Our priorities are i
    10 KB (1,529 words) - 06:57, 10 March 2011
  • university: yet in most developed countries the majority of university funding comes from the state. ... engaging young people in solving social problems. Youth organisations and programmes promote these efforts through a variety of incentives to young people.<ref>
    11 KB (1,517 words) - 13:44, 10 April 2011
  • ...mmes. In particular, intends to extend and improve existing training programmes with the objective of increasing migrants' participation in them. In this w ==Funders and funding==
    17 KB (2,581 words) - 17:27, 29 May 2008
  • ...long term it will be important to include cases from other EU and national programmes (INTERREG, LEADER, the Phoenix Fund in the UK, etc). ...ext round of the structural funds – both in their mainstream operational programmes and in trans-national cooperation.
    36 KB (5,588 words) - 12:50, 14 May 2009
  • The second round of [[URBAN]] ("URBAN II") consists of 70 programmes across the EU, covering some 2.2 million inhabitants. These areas often fac the private sector, this makes a total investment of Euro 1.6 billion. Funding concentrates on physical and environmental regeneration, social inclusion,
    7 KB (1,030 words) - 14:12, 5 May 2008
  • ... reason it often makes an uneasy fit with existing public institutions and programmes. One stumbling block in the past appears to be the need for better liaison ...ructure is that they function on a partner¬ship model which combines core funding from the state – creating stability – with local matching – creating
    27 KB (4,055 words) - 08:44, 14 April 2015
  • ==Funders and funding== ... that it would support. The Ministry determined annually which sectors the programmes would focus on in the next call for proposals. In 2007, for instance, prior
    19 KB (2,813 words) - 17:27, 20 February 2011
  • ==Funders and funding== ... only requested for special services. This is possible due to the external funding of the City of Hamburg and the European Social Fund.
    19 KB (2,710 words) - 07:22, 23 February 2011
  • * bridging the funding gap and ...identify where the institutional capacity existed in Wales to develop the programmes identified in the Action Plan so as to ensure efficient delivery and to fu
    11 KB (1,673 words) - 10:37, 28 March 2011

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