Summer School on Social Innovation in San Sebastian July 2008

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The Young Foundation in partnership with MIK (from the Mondragon Group) is holding a Summer School bringing together the community of people and organisations involved in practical social innovation to share skills, methods and insights.

Taking place from 28 to 30 of July (Monday morning to Wednesday lunchtime) the summer school will involve around 100 participants from a very wide range of countries including China, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, the USA, Canada and Denmark. It will take place in San Sebastian, overlooking one of Europe’s finest beaches.

There will be a combination of keynote presentations and talks combined with themed workshops and working sessions organised to maximise the exchange of ideas, experiences and thoughts. The aim of the summer school is to help build the growing field of social innovation – sharing practical skills on issues ranging from finance and design, and from managing incubators to public policy. Participants will also be able to learn from the many innovations underway in the Basque country, including within the Mondragon Group (of which MIK is a part) which is the world’s largest cooperative and social enterprise.