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Taktix is a game developed for use with young people by Business Link Kent.

It is accompanied by a toolkit which shows how to implement Taktix in three phases.


Stage 1 - Introduction to the Toolkit

The Toolkit is essentially a web-based ‘How to do It' manual. Its creation was a key element in the original project to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach in the dissemination of Good Practice in encouraging others to embark on similar projects elsewhere.

This Toolkit is designed to:

  • Enable potential new Development Partnerships to decide whether the approach may be an appropriate one for adoption to contribute to meeting economic and social regeneration objectives.
  • Provide a guide to starting up and running such a project learning from the experiences of the Pilot in Kent.

The Toolkit is web-based to ensure that:

  • the content can be maintained and hence is up-to-date for those who wish to access it
  • it can easily accommodate feedback from users and constantly share ideas for improvement

The Toolkit is free to registered users.

The Toolkit is aimed at people who have had some experience in project management but who will appreciate ‘pointers’ in justifying and managing programmes similar to Trading Up.

Feedback is welcomed:

Tel: +44 845 722 6655

Toolkit Website Construction Schedule

The first edition of this website was published in June 2007. It does contain some sections which are currently “under development” and these are clearly marked as such. Between June and December 2007, the content will be frequently extended and updated. These updates will take into account any corrections or recommendations suggestions made by users. The Toolkit will clearly display the latest issue number and date following any significant changes.

How to Use the Toolkit

Following this Stage 1 - Introduction to the Toolkit, there are the 3 subsequent stages:

Stage 2 - Preparation & Engagement with the Target Audience

Stage 3 - Delivering to and Supporting Participants

Stage 4 - Managing and Evaluating the Programme

Each stage is described in a series of sections each dealing with a specific topic, and following each of these sections under the title Further Resources, where appropriate, there are:

  • Learning Points (from the Kent pilot)
  • Tips & ideas
  • Links within the Toolkit e.g. to other relevant sections or topics
  • Links to documents (as downloadable attachments)
  • External Links – to other websites

These sources of further information will be significantly added to during the second half of 2007. The downloadable Documents each have unique filenames following a prescribed protocol so that users can satisfy themselves that they have access to the latest version.


Website: Business Link Kent