Towards a job-rich recovery

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Towards a job-rich recovery

The Commission communication mentions inclusive entrepreneurship and social enterprise as one of the tools for increasing the job intensity of growth a job which closely involves the ESF.

As part of Stepping up job creation across the economy by encouraging labour demand, it proposes:

Employment policies help create conditions favourable to job creation. In doing so, they can mobilise the EU budget (and in particular the European Social Fund) in support. Besides supply-side measures, such as skills and activation investment, and labour matching services, there are also a number of tools that impact positively on labour demand:

  • ...
  • Promoting and supporting self-employment, the social enterprises and business start-ups. Jobseekers who are motivated to start up and run businesses may have to overcome considerable barriers, including a lack of professional or business skills, mentoring possibilities, and difficulties in accessing finance. Fostering entrepreneurial mind-sets, greater availability of start-up support services and microfinance, as well as schemes converting unemployment benefits into start-up grants, play an important role in facilitating self-employment and creating new jobs. Support should be targeted at groups with the greatest potential (such as unemployed workers with professional skills, women or young people), and should rely on close cooperation between employment services, business support and finance providers. Social economy actors and social enterprises are important drivers of inclusive job creation and social innovation and require specific support, including through [[public

procurement]] and access to finance.

It picks out the green, care and ICT sectors as sources of employment growth, and proposes:

  • a set of Key Employment Actions for the Green Economy
  • an Action Plan on Healthcare Employment
  • a set of Key Actions for ICT Employment

Source: COM(2012) 173 final, 18 April 2012