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Venture capital is provided to social enterprises by offering either capital or subordinated debt without the need for any guarantees. To be eligible, companies must either create employment for target groups or strive for social change and drive business in a different way.

When capital is provided, Trividend participates as a minority shareholder in the company for a maximum of 6 years. When subordinated debt is provided Trividend participates for up to 10 years with an interest rate set at: prime rate + 2%.

Trividend invests a maximum 100.000€ per client.


Trividend seeks to respond to the increasing demand for venture capital in the social economy sector where providing guarantees is not always possible. It acts as an important supplementation to the contribution of alternative financiers that – with or without cooperation of regular banks – offer investment credits, venture capital and bridging loans to the sector of the social economy.

Tividend is firmly supported by the Flemish government and its lending power is increased each year to match the needs of the social sector.

Main target groups

Social enterprise

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Access to Finance

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