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URBAN NOSE - Network of Social Enterprises

URBAN NOSE is a project within the URBACT programme, supported by the ERDF.

Issue addressed

The project will define a network of urban incubators for social enterprises - by which are meant businesses providing social services. The network will support the start-up of new initiatives of social entrepreneurship, offering services of advising, training activities and instruments of knowledge. The idea is that the social enterprises can represent the engine of the sustainable development of an urban area, according to Lisbon agenda, and their increase favour social cohesion and the improvement of urban economy. The network will transfer best practices in social entrepreneurship and will represent the reference for social policies of the territory and for local governance.


Lead Partner Gela (IT) - contact mailto://fliardo@unict.it

Agrinion - EL
Koropi - EL
Xátiva - ES
Grenoble - FR

New partners

Brighton & Hove - UK
Alcobaça - PT
Herrljunga - SE
Athienou - CY
Consortium Area of Industrial Development, Gela - IT

Lead Expert: Dr Sergio Campanella - mailto://studioeuropeoc@tin.it

Website: http://urbact.eu/en/projects/human-capital-entrepreneurship/urban-nose/homepage/