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This project, carried out between 1998 and 2000 under the INTERREG III Community Initiative, focused on women in the Salzburg-Bavaria border region. The objectives of the “Women in Business” advice centre in Salzburg were to promote equal opportunity, support entrepreneurial initiatives and encourage transnational cooperation and the creation of new jobs.

Women tend to set up very small enterprises, prefer certain service sectors over others and normally need only a small amount of start-up capital. One of the main motives for women setting up their own business is the desire and need to reconcile professional, family and private interests. “Women in Business” has helped in the creation of numerous new enterprises and, thanks to cooperation at regional, national and international level, has established itself as an important centre for contact and communication, competence and further training to develop women’s entrepreneurial skills.

Technical information

Interreg II Österreich - Deutschland/Bayern Erfolgsprojekt "Frauen im Business“ INTERREG III Bavaria-Austria

Total cost EUR 295.400 EU contribution EUR 147.500 Contact Verein Frau & Arbeit Diethör, Daniela Franz-Josef-Straße 16 A-5020, Salzburg Österreich Tel.: + 43.662.880723 Fax: + 43.662.880723-15 E-Mail: frau-und-arbeit@salzburg.co.at Verein Frau & Arbeit