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YES - a vocational education that mixes adults with young people

It soon became obvious to Basta’s management that the people who came for rehabilitation at Basta often brought good professional experiences with them. However, almost all of them were lacking any formal qualifications or grades. With this as the starting point, a one-year vocational education was started in 2003, “YES”. The education programme was at first designed for co-workers at Basta, but soon young school drop-outs from nearby schools joined the courses. Pedagogically, and perhaps unexpectedly, mixing students of all ages and from different backgrounds, and with a wide range of experiences, has been found to be a real success. The education programme started modestly with only four students today has grown to about 40 students.

The course mixes practical work with vocational theory. The course gives apprentice credits and is recognised by trade organisations as well as by employers. The pedagogical starting included the Brazilian pedagogy Paolo Freire’s theories, which were developed in the book Pedagogy for the oppressed. Today it can be called pedagogy based on empowerment.