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Members of the ALS (names and e-mails):

Jorge Miranda,

Fernanda teixeira (Amadora EMPREENDE / Quick),

Paula Tomás (Amadora EMPREENDE/Quem não Arrisca não Petisca) /

Ana Monteiro (Amadora EMPREENDE/Quick)

Liliana Cruz (Amadora EMPREENDE/Quem não Arrisca não Petisca), it is crucial for us to know the names and e-mails of all the ALS members in order to provide efficient support …….



Access to Finance Mechanisms (Capital to Develop Businesses)

Building Trust

Facilitators will transfer opportunities to the word of mouth within Boba Neighbourhood.

15MAY – 15APR

  • Information (streets, door-to-door)

By: Geração Team/Facilitators


  • Training Course to facilities on Microcredit and family businesses

By: ANDC (National Microcredit Association)

12MAY – 17MAY Focus groups and information meeting in the neighbourhood for residents.

By: Amadora Empreende Team (Quick + Quem não Arrisca não Petisca) Geração Team Facilitators

30 and 31 MAY In the Zone Congress Boba 2008: a) Conference and Meeting Points for Microcredit (What is Microcredit?; Who can apply?; Is it worth?) By: ANDC

b) Stand for Microcredit information and applications By: ANDC

Get close to illegal or borderline situations

Until 30MAY Local Immigrant Association supporting documentation processes, will try to access these individuals and prioritise their legalisation processes

By: Assoc. Unidos de cabo Verde International Comparison and ideas from other territories

Start: 1APR Along the project Build 1-to-1 relation with entrepreneurs that have trust as a barrier (Ex: afraid of loosing actual job; afraid of getting caught; afraid of loosing assets)

By: Facilitators – Geração Team

  • Amadora Empreende Team (Quem não Arrisca não Petisca)
  • ANDC
  • AUCV

Levelling Expectations with reality

See actions and

New Market Assessment

Promote Immigrant entrepreneurs products and services near the market


  • End of the project

Contracts and memorandums of understanding.

Amadora Empreende with writing recommendation to consult these entrepreneurs for quotes.

Creation of Social Recognition moments for Enterprises supporting immigrant entrepreneurs.

OCT08 Event and Press Conference for public presentation of entrepreneurs/2008 from Amadora Empreende Quick + Quem não Arrisca não Petisca)

the companies supporting Amadora Empreende and emergent enterprises will be given major visibility.)

Development of Tools

30MAR/30APR Identification of MILE tools potentially adaptable to Amadora Empreende and Junior Achievement tools and Equal Opportunity tools and Kcidade tools.

1 – 31MAY Critical study of identified tools By: Amadora Empreeende

  • Geração Team /Partnership
  • ANDC

External view of Qec and suggestions for testing activities

30/31MAY --> During Zone Congress Boba/08 A selection of tools will be used for different target groups test-activities. International Comparison and ideas from other territories

15JUN – A final selection after testing and evaluation will be done.

16JUN – Until the end of project The products will be used by facilitators and social workers all over the city for Amadora Empreende animations of groups and motivation activities.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Promote regional Impact

1st Action:

Accomplishment of a conference, dedicated to the subject: “Entrepreneurship and Integration of the young Luso-Africans in the work market”. The aim is to sensitize the society, the companies and the population for this problematic as a way to promote mechanisms of professional insertion of these young and to stimulate their entrepreneurial potential. The social inclusion does not have to pass only for the intervention of the central and municipal administration, or to the IPSS/ONGs, it is about a social responsibility also of the companies who must be called to participate and to get involved. The meeting will present cases of success, national and foreign, as well as good practices of entrepreneurship.

Partners to involve: City councils, ACIDI, Gulbenkian Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation, Microcredit, IAPMEI, IEFP, companies, etc…

2nd Action:

Launching of a campaign of sensitization in Lisbon Metropolitan Area, designated: “Multicultural Lisbon - a place for all”. The campaign aims to sensitize the population for the multiculturalism, tolerance and respect for the difference.

The publicity will be done with street posters, posters in public transports, radio commercials, and other forms of spreading the information. It will be possible to include specific events, as music and theatre shows and art exhibitions, among others ways that can attract the social communication and give a bigger public visibility to the campaign. Partners to involve: City councils and JML, ACIDI, etc. By: CCDRLVT - Managing Authority of the PORLisboa.

Women will and gender barriers

1MAY – 31MAY Identification of school and kinder garden schedules in comparison to mothers professional requirements (Enquire Boba School and kinder garden) By: Amadora Empreende (Quem não Arrisca não Petisca) and Geração Facilitators

30/31MAY – During Zone Congress Boba/08 Focus group with women on entrepreneurial will and family support

15JUN – Report

International Comparison and ideas from other territories

Create continuity activities for children involved on “Aprender a Empreender”

By: Junior Achievement Portugal 15MAY – Identify children with entrepreneurial potential revealed in school during “Aprender a Empreender” activities. By: AE Miguel Torga; JA Portugal; Amadora Empreende (Quick e Quem não Arrisca não Petisca)

16MAY – 30MAY – Group work with the children to prepare an exhibition and presentation for Zone Congress. By: Amadora Empreende; AE Miguel Torga; JA Portugal;

30/31MAY – During Zone Congress Boba/08 Stand “Children Entrepreneurs” and paper or audiovisual presentation produced by the Boba’s children. (the group will include immigrant children)