Bundesweite Gründerinnenagentur

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Bundesweite Gründerinnenagentur (BGA)

The BGA (Germany's federal agency for women's business creators) was started in 2004 by 3 federal ministries, and also co-ordinates the actions of the Länder. It receives 900 enquiries a year.

Partners: It has 1,700 partners: 430 advice agencies, 960 experts and consultants, and 310 networks and business centres, all specialising in women’s businesses.

Targeting: It addresses older women and migrants, though its promotional material does not convey this message.

Measures: Its website lists 380 measures.

Presentation by Iris Kronenbitter to COPIE steering group on 21 May 2010: [1]

Website: http://www.gruenderinnenagentur.de/