COPIE 1 final meeting 17th and 18th April 2008 Brussels

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Public meeting - Promoting Inclusive Entrepreneurship in the Structural Funds 2007-13

Held at the Asturian Regional Office, 36-38 Rue Saint Laurent, 1000 Brussels

'NEW: Video impressions of the event: Do you COPIE? by Carlos Ribeiro

La Casa de Asturias, Brussels

The Chair, Louis Vervloet of ESF Agentschap Vlaanderen, opened the meeting and introduced Julio Gonzalez Zapico, Director General for Commerce, Self-employment and Social Economy of the government of the Principality of Asturias second left)

speech by Julio Gonzalez Zapico

Keynote speech

Graham Meadows former director General of DG Regio and Adviser to Commissioner Spidla

The full text is available at "Inclusive entrepreneurship - growing economies by growing citizens"

Graham Meadows 080417.JPG

Extracts from Graham's speech:

  • Policy must be known.
  • It must connect.

A message which says “Do you know that at my college we can help train you to set up and run your own business ?” hits two bells – gives people the idea, tells them how to connect.

  • Policy must be easy to access.

A message which says you can get an application form off our website and complete it electronically will look like an invitation to the dark side of the moon for many potential entrepreneurs. A twenty-page paper application form is just as bad.

  • It must have a short decision time.

If you’re unemployed and have had an idea to set up a business, you don’t want to wait 90 days for a decision. If you’re already running a business and need help with an expansion, you want it this month not next year.

  • The policy’s culture must be “yes-saying”.

The frequency with which a policy says “yes” or “no” to entrepreneurship ideas will largely depend on how good it is at evaluating and managing risk. A “yes-saying” policy is one which is skilled at risk-management; a policy which frequently says “no” is inefficient and is protecting itself by risk avoidance.

  • Policy must be able to handle diversity.

Entrepreneurs come from all population groups and their ideas will be equally diverse.

A policy which has these characteristics will be one which promotes enterpreneurship and which safeguards motivation. It will recognise the drama of the entrepreneur’s choices and be sensitive to her circumstances.

Gerhard Bräunling, EQUAL Unit, Employment DG

A summary of Gerhard's remarks is available at 'CoPIE as an example of the next generation of transnational Cooperation

Peter Ramsden Frez Ltd and COPIE Coordinator

Peter Ramsden 080417.JPG

Spreading good practice across the EU. Slides available at

Round Table: Inclusive Entrepreneurship in European Regions

Chair: Iain Willox, Welsh Assembly government

  • Oto Potluka, Ireas Company, Czech Republic
  • Rafael Rossi, Regional Employment Service, Andalusia
  • Inigo Urkidi, Coordinator Equal Ariadnamik, Basque Country
  • Ralf Sänger, Institut für sozialpädagogische Forschung, Mainz
  • Lorne Patterson, Longford EQUAL Development Partnership, Ireland

1. What we got out of the process

The region's experience of implementing the tool. E.g. different 360-degree viewpoints, bringing together people that had not had the opportunity before engaging with a wider range of stakeholders on entrepreneurship, a richer understanding of the full scope of inclusive entrepreneurship etc.

2. The key findings of the work

E.g. identifying target groups for whom services were weak, parts of the enterprise ladder that were under developed, overlap in service provision, geographical gaps

3. What the regions are doing as a result of this work in the future

E.g. action plans for inclusive entrepreneurship, producing an entrepreneurship strategy, task force etc.

Louis Vervloet leads the Declaration of Commitment to future cooperation by the Managing Authorities

Signatories for the memorandum


Friday 18th April 2008 - Planning the second round of CoPIE

09.00–10.30 Aims and content of a future thematic network on inclusive entrepreneurship
COPIE participants Brussels 080417.JPG

Structure and governance of the network

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.45 Presentation of the Web Based Tools Toby Johnson and Peter Ramsden Slideshow

11.45-12.30 Working Groups – Education, quality standards, action, planning...

Hamburg meeting ways forward

12.30-13.00 “Next steps of the CoPIE”

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30 - …….. Departure

15.00-16.30 Masterclass on web based tools with Toby Johnson and Peter Ramsden

Report on the meeting held in Brussels 17 & 18th April 2008 LESSONS FROM CoPIE

Thurs 17th 11.00-12.30 COPIE Steering Group Meeting 17th April at the Asturias offices 36-38 Rue Saint Laurent, 1000 Brussels

location of Rue St Laurent

14.00-16.30 General meeting of COPIE

Attendees: management authorities, all experts,DPs and steering committee) at the Asturias Regional Office Chair Louis Vervloet

Reports on the state of play of CoPIE

  • Short presentations of regional reports of the new tool implementations (Ireland, Czech republic, Spain: Andalusia, Basque Country, Germany: Hessen,
  • evidence of action resulting from the tool
  • Issues in revising the tool for Version 3 and Online version - formation of task and finish group (proposed Peter, caryl, Norbert, Ralf, Filip + Spain)