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Right: Iván Diego facilitates the enterprise education workshop at the COPIE final policy forum in Berlin on 17 April 2012

The new strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020) points out the need to foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in all forms of learning irrespective of education level. Our schools are asked to enable a culture of innovation by creating conducive learning environments where pupils, trainees, students, teachers, school leaders and researchers have opportunities to develop its creative, innovative and entrepreneurial potential.

The increasing number of references to entrepreneurship education high-level policy documents at European level and the possibility to finance these type of actions during the 2007-2013 programming period has not translated into its inclusion in Operational Programmes. Entrepreneurship Education does not rank high among the priorities of most Managing Authorities yet.

Thus the enterprise education subgroup was created in order to achieve 3 basic goals:

  • To create a real community of practice involving the most relevant stakeholders in different countries and regions so as to learn from each other and exchange good practice
  • To clarify the links between entrepreneurship education and ESF priorities for the period 2007-2013
  • To pave the way for further action in the next programming period 2014-2020

Baseline study

The baseline study provides an analysis of enterprise education at European level as well as a literature review of existing research focusing on 5 major areas: definition, policies, curricula, pedagogies, evaluation and a progression model. This is complemented with two case studies on the policies and practices developed in the field of enterprise education in Flanders and Finland.

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CEDEFOP peer learning event on Guidance supporting entrepreneurship learning and entrepreneurship in Europe - Policy, practice and future potential, Thessaloniki, 25-26 Nov 2010


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