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Summary This coaching is an extract from the EVU manual and explores what coaching is and the particular aspects of developing trust that are needed when working with migrant entrepreneurs

Coaching as method in business advice

The philosophy in coaching, stated simply, is to release the individual’s potential and thereby create motivation, better performance and greater ownership toward change.

The advisers have an ongoing external coach whom they use for individual sparring, to build up the advisory team, but especially for themselves to practice their techniques in order to be able to utilize them in the counselling context and in the general communication with the clients.

When trust and contact is created, the coaching method is used as a supplement to the actual guidance and advising, the purpose being to help the person being coached to identify their needs and solve problems by themselves, and to proceed from talk to action.

In conducting outreach advisory service to ethnic minority business owners, it has been important to quickly establish a positive relation of trust but at the same time to insist that the responsibility for change lies with the business owner himself. It is they who are the experts on their own business, and they who determine the tempo of change.

What the coaching does in terms of creating trust, and assuming that it is applied with talent, is that the coached person is treated on an equal footing, that attention and interest are shown for what he says so that he feels listened to and is taken seriously. The client can feel secure in that nothing is being done behind his back and that the adviser is there for him. In this situation, well-being is a precondition for learning and performance.

Through structured questioning techniques, the coach can help the client to develop his ambitions and dreams, by creating an overview and focusing on the topic that the owner wants to work with. By increasing awareness about the reality one can identify the direction in which the businessman wants things to change and where the resources are located. He is then assisted in giving priority to this effort himself. The purpose of the coaching is to build up and maintain confidence in the client’s own abilities and to create learning and results over a length of time in relation to the dynamic goals that the client has set himself.

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