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Description Adapted entrepreneurial training courses were created in Flanders for three groups:

  • migrants and ethnic minorities - with assistance from an interpreter
  • migrant women
  • the unemployed who are assessed as being suitable for self-employment

For all groups, pre-trajectory courses were available - teaching management terminology and social and mathematical skills - to prepare them for entry into the regular business management course.

The courses are free of charge for the participants and entirely subsidized by the Flemish government.


The course seeks to encourage self-employment in vulnerable groups. It offers a complete trajectory of training and education into self-employment, the length and composition of which will vary from person to person according to their specific needs.

The presence of an interpreter increases the success rate of many migrants who follow the course.

Providing a protected environment enables many (migrant) women to start concretising their ideas and develop their entrepreneurial competences.

Main target groups

Unemployed Women Ethnic minorities /Migrants

Main theme of intervention

Culture and Conditions

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Project name

Draaischijf Ondernemersvorming “Hub for entrepreneurial training”

Member state/region


Contact information

Vlaams Agentschap voor Ondernemersvorming- Syntra Vlaanderen Flemish agency for entrepreneurial training – Syntra Flanders

Tel: +32 2 227 63 93 <mail address=info@syntravlaanderen.be description=project email>Some Text</mail>.