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EMEP is a enterprise agency in Tower Hamlets, East London supporting specialist approaches to business support in the ethnic minority business community. It has led highly innovative approaches to enterprise development - such as the Sew East project which worked with mature sub contractors in the leather industry and aimed at helping them to develop their own products, team up with designers and move up the value chain.

EMEP has also helped to increase the quality and revenues of businesses in the Brick Lane area by riasing standards in restaurant and catering through their restaurant support programme Offering training courses for business development.

the Brick Lane Festival The annual festival held in Brick Lane, London E1 supported by EMEP helps to build the area as a visitor attraction which helps all the businesses at other times of the year. if you go to Brick Lane once you are likely to go back. They also help support the The International Curry Festival in Banglatown

EMEP offers a range of other specialist support services aimed at their target groups through also Business Advice & Counselling offering intensive one to one support

Sew East Supporting the Tower Hamlets Clothing sector see also Sew East for the Phoenix fund project case study

Youth Enterprise Services offered to the 16-30 age group

Women in Business & Employment Specialist enterprise support for women

their developing People, developing enterprises programme provides training & development of staff of SMEs


Ethnic Minority Enterprise Project,

The Business Development Centre,

7-15 Greatorex Street,

London E1 5NF

Limited Company Reg No:3640311

T 020 7655 0906 F 020 7247 1086