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Wikpreneurship is structured like Wikipedia and uses the same Mediawiki software.

You can search using the left hand box - the Go button goes straight to a page of exactly that name - capital and small letters make a difference! - or you can find all articles including the phrase by using the Search button

You can create a new article by typing the new title you want to give it in the box below:


The same box will be found at the bottom of the main page. You can also achieve the same result by putting the new title of your article into search and then typing 'Go'. So long as the article does not already exist you will go to a screen which gives you an option to create the article.

You can browse different types of articles:

  • Products are summaries of tools and reports that are on webpages beyond Wikipreneurship
  • Projects are time-limited activities that have contributed to widening entrepreneurship and local development
  • Cases are journalistic case studies or analytic case studies of practice in the EU and elsewhere
  • Policy briefs and Minibriefs are summary documents that explore themes and link to cases, products and projects
  • Definitions are the beginning of our glossary of terms, some quite philosophical
  • Categories are like tags - ways of describing groups of products, projects, cases or other articles that are similar in some way

If you are in linguistic doubt, there is a style manual at Wikipedia manual of style.